My name is JennyRay and i run Cutesycoco and Jennyraydesigns LLC. 
Im a graphic designers and illustrators based in Miami FL.
Who just want to make people happy and motivate your day with my art. This shop first started last year when i got motivated to show my art and pursue a dream. due to my love for creating and wanting an escape from the stress of this last crazy years.
The name comes from my favorite fruit that i enjoy picking up when i use to live in an amazing island Colon from Panama, city.
Long hours of thinking and wanted to create a magical world where cute magical animals are created based on real animals and flowers. 
Cutesycoco art is inspired by bright pastel colors, magical aesthetics, cuteness, and most important my biggest dreams. After 2020, i decided to jump and do it and create the  shop and invest in my art more because i was in need of more joy and guidence in my live but most important i meet someone that support my dreams and motivated me to go for it.